Sunday, November 7, 2010


You know, the last few days, I've been excessively busy, so my posts have been posted a little later than usual. Hopefully that doesn't persist, but we'll see. As some of you may know (those of you I actually know) a good friend of mine just moved up from Miami all the way to my basement in Scarsdale, NY. That's been keeping me really preoccupied these last few days, but hopefully I get back onto a more regular posting curriculum (not that it isn't regular enough haha).

A week back, I mentioned the ancient Roman harvest festival of Lemuria in my Origin of Halloween series. I had some trouble looking it up (it actually wasn't that hard), because something else kept popping up in the way of the festival. In fact, I found a whole series of ancient mythologies that mention how there used to be this ancient civilization or continent even. Sure, there's the myth of Atlantis, but many of these accounts say that this fictional Lemuria was even before the whole Atlantis myth.

If you'd like to check out a bit of it, I'll be drawing a map of it's approximate shape and position in the world. Today, the idea of plate tectonics and the shifting earth, debunk these myths of a fictional Lemuria, or some call it Mu, but it was believed to be in the middle of the Pacific ocean, between North and South America, Asia, and Australia, partially connecting the continents.

As the myth goes, the quite large continent of Lemuria (found in the Pacific), sunk as a result of a series of super-volcanoes and earthquakes that tore it from the other continents and sent it under the ocean. As I mentioned, modern proofs of plate-tectonics have proved this myth a fallacy.

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